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Hitsugi and Uruha

Uruha hauled himself up off the couch, bored and wanting to do something else besides stare into space. His guitar sat haphazardly in the corner from where he had dumped it almost unceremoniously a few hours before after finding that nothing new would come to him. Things had been so hectic recently and now he had some free time...he almost wished things were back to being busy. "I'll go to a bar...maybe something will come to me there..." he mumbled to himself, pulling on his coat and swiftly leaving the place the band had been staying recently.

            Hitsugi pulled the hood of his black sweatshirt over his blonde mass of hair.  Idly he tugged at one of the cat ears he had sewn onto the fabric of the hood as he departed from Nightmare's area of practice.  Quite frankly he had enough practice; of course it did not help that he felt a little under the weather.  Softly he bit his pierced lower lip, red eyes staring ahead as he made his way down the street.  He had no set destination in mind, really, but maybe the fresh air would do him some good.

 The wind blew in his face, turning his usually pale cheeks a pretty light rose colour and blowing his black and blonde choppy styled locks around his face, bangs covering a good deal of his eyeline as he turned the corner. Uruha pulled the thigh length wool coat tighter around his chest, he had no idea where he was going and didn't particuarly feel like being lost today. A soft groan left his lips as he found himself colliding with another figure who had been walking the opposite way along the street and fell with a harsh 'thud' onto the ground.

 A gasp of surprise came from Hitsugi as he tried to keep himself from falling, but to no avail.  He winced as he felt his tailbone graciously meeting the concrete.  At first he did not notice the other person in front of him as he reached behind himself to gently touch the source of pain, but when his eyes looked upward he stopped, although his hand remained on his behind.  The man in front of him was familiar....

 Uruha winced with one eye shut tightly closed, groaning some silently at the shock of pain that run up his back and reverbed through his upper torso. He sighed with a soft relief as the pain dulled and he finally took the time to look at the person he had crashed into. "Gomen Nasai!.Gomen Nasai..." Uruha ducked his duo toned head in appology, standing himself up and holding his hand out for the other. "Gomen Nasai..." he appologised again not really registering the others known face.

 "Uhn...I wasn't watching where I was going either," said Hitsugi with a light chuckle.  "Arigatou," he added, taking the offered hand.  I know I've seen him before, thought the guitarist as he tilted his head to one side, red eyes gazing at Uruha.  But....darn it, who is he?
He pulled the obscuring bangs out of his eye's, hooking them as habit behind his ears. Uruha blinked some, looking into the red contacts that covered the eye's of the shorter man, recognition registering in his own. The other's name was on the tip of his tongue as he clasped his hands over his stomach, trying to get it out. "Ahh...I don't...mean to sound rude, but you seem very familiar...May I ask your name?"

 "Ah, hai; Hitsugi."  A smile came to his pierced lips as he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his sweatshirt.  "Ne...you seem familiar too, but..."  Hitsugi gave a chuckle as he tugged at one of the ears on his hood.  "...I can't think of your name..."

 Of course. Uruha silently reprimanded himself for having not remembered. He bowed where he stood. "Of Nightmare, right? Forgive me again..." A smile crossed his own plush lips. "Ahh...Uruha desu. Sorry again, I should pay more attention..."

 "Don't worry about it," said Hitsugi with a shake of his head, slipping his hand back into his pocket.  "So you are from Gazette; I knew it!"  The guitarist sounded as if he were going to jump in excitement when he recognized Uruha.  "It's just....I'm horrible with names sometimes..." he added, his hand coming out to tug at an ear again.

 "Iie...I'm the same alot of the time, names just fly over the top of my head to be lost forever...I even forgot Rei-chan's name once..." His smile turned cat like and his mouth opened to say something that was quickly forgotten. "Ahh...I should keep you, You probably have somewhere to get to. It's been nice meeting you Hitsugi-san..."

             “Mm, I really had nothing to do today.”  Hitsugi bit his lower lip; he was surprised with how fast that came out.  Maybe it was because he wanted to talk to Uruha more; after all, the other times he had conversation with other musicians only lasted about a couple minutes tops.  “Unless you have something to do…then I guess I’ll see you later?”

 "Ou...I'm...Not really going anywhere interesting. Just to a bar. Ano...If you aren't doing anything, maybe you'd like to join me?" he asked, tilting his head a little to the side, hair obscuring his eye's again.

 Hitsugi's eyes closed for a moment as a smile spread his lips.  "I'd love to!"  He scratched at his head lightly before his hand slipped out of sight once more.  "I could use a few drinks myself," he chuckled, gazing at Uruha.

 The smile returned to it's cat like state and he clapped his hands together softly. "Great...It does get a bit like that sometimes..." He giggled a little, raising a hand to shirt the hair away before stepping a little closer to the shorter man. "Ahh...I'm kind of new around this part, would you happen to know of a good place around here...When I bumped into you I was kinda wandering around aimlessly..."

 Pursing his lips in thought, Hitsugi scanned the area.  "Hmm....hai, there's a small bar down the street a ways," he replied, nodding in the direction that he had been walking.  "I'm surprised I didn't see you; I must have been more out of it than I thought," laughed Hitsugi, taking a step to the side to proceed down the sidewalk.

 "Well...It all did happen fairly swiftly..." Uruha shrugged some, turning on his heel to walk beside Hitsugi as he walked down the street. "I must have walked past it..." he mumbled to himself, refering to the bar. He giggled, raising a hand to toy a little with the Cat ear's sewn onto the hood of Histugi's jacket. "These are cute..."

 "Arigatou," chuckled Hitsugi, resisting the urge to playfully bat at Uruha's hand.  He looked to Uruha from the corner of his eye, but since part of the hood obscured his vision slightly, Hitsugi was only able to see him partially.  As he gazed ahead once more, a lock of blonde hair found its way in his face.  Hitsugi tried to blow it out of the way, as it was starting to tickle his nose.

 He smirked, continuing to play with the pointed ears for a little longer before pulling his hand down and shoving them deep into the wollen pockets, playing around with the few items he found in there. His thoughts drifted a little, catching onto a sample of music and humming it softly before letting it float away. "Things must have been busy for you guy's recently ne?"

 "Mm, hai; it's been kind of tiring."  A small scowl came to Hitsugi's face as he kept trying to blow the hair away from his nose.  "What about you?" he asked, giving up and letting the hair stay where it was.  Glancing briefly to the side, he realized that they had almost walked right by their destination.

 "Same...They're trying to get us to do so many things at once...but now we have some free time again...Kinda wishing things were back to being busy...I feel so useless not having anything to do most days..." The blonde giggled some, moving forward a little after having silently watched Hitsugi have trouble with an errant bang. "Ahh...Have we missed it?" he asked, looking around a little stupidly.

 Hitsugi shook his head as he pointed to their right.  "It's right there," he chuckled, walking to the entrance of the small establishment.  Grasping the handle, Hitsugi pulled the door open and stepped aside to allow Uruha to enter, a hand resting on his hip and a smile still on his face.

 "Oh..." Uruha smiled a little sheepishly, nodding to Hitsugi as he stepped into the small bar and took a small breath. The smell of the bar was oddly comforting, reminding him of his favourite place when he got a chance to go home. "Thanks..."

 Hitsugi nodded as he stepped inside, letting the door close behind him.  "Where do you want to sit?" he asked, pulling the hood back from his head and running a hand through the mass of blonde hair.  His eyes scanned the bar, seeing that the majority of the customers were seated at the counter.  The tables were pretty much unoccupied, as were the booths. 

 "Booth?" he replied softly, glancing around and noting with a slight pout that the counter was all but taken by other bodies. Uruha walked further into the bar area, hands staying in his pockets as he looked for a suitable seating area.

 "Sounds good to me," said Hitsugi, following after Uruha.  He began to idly poke at one of the pointed piercings on his face as he waited for a spot to be chosen.  "Mm, what do you like to drink?" he inquired, wanting to break the silence.

 "Vodka...Mmmhmmm..." Uruha laughed some, bouncing over to a booth along the back a little off form the middle of the bar, falling into the faded velvet seat and crossing his legs at the knee.

 Hitsugi chuckled as he slipped into the seat across from Uruha.  He made himself comfortable, leaning back against the seat as he clasped his hands together on the tabletop.  "Do you drink it straight?  I heard that it burns...."

 "Ahh...Yes it burns...but very nicely." The blonde smiled some, desperatly wanting to reach across the table and touch the row of piercings along Hitsugi's lower lip. "Usually I chase it, but today...I think it's needing to be straight...What do you usually drink?"

 "Well, I like some wine....and strawberry daiquiris.  Usually I don't drink strong stuff."  Hitsugi moved a hand to lightly scratch at his head while his tongue exposed itself ever so slightly to play with the ring on his bottom lip.

"Strawberries...Oooh...you have good taste ne..." Uruha watched the tongue on slight display before shaking his head and blinking his eyelids. "Gomen...Ahh...So...I'll go get the drinks ne...What would you like today?"

"Hmm..."  Placing a finger to his lip, Hitsugi tilted his head in thought.  "I think...a strawberry daquiri."  Hitsugi nodded as he clasped his hands together on the tabletop once more.  For a moment, he could have sworn that Uruha was watching him mess with his piercing...but it might have just been his imagination.

"Sure thing Sweetheart..." Uruha smiled, launching himself away from the table after taking a chance to gaze at the piercings again. He bounced over to the bar, smiling sweetly to the bartender and ordering a strawberry daquiri for Hitsugi and a double shot of vodka for himself. Uruha bent a little as he leant at the bar, resting his head in his palms as he waited.

Hitsugi smiled sheepishly at Uruha's remark, and he glanced down to his hands momentarily.  He slowly turned his head to watch Uruha as he waited at the bar for their drinks.  Hmm, I like him; he's nice, smiled Hitsugi, looking back to his hands as he twiddled his thumbs.


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