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Hitsugi and Uruha

"Uruha..." Hitsugi closed his eyes, leaning slightly against the other's hand. A soft blush graced his features as he remained silent, simply enjoying Uruha's touch.

He smiled, working his fingers gently through Hitsugi's hair. The actions were slightly absent as a part of him just drifted into light thought but he kept his eye's on the other, watching him.

Hitsugi bit his lower lip softly, a faint purr coming from him as he nuzzled closer to the hand. The butterflies were still there, although not as much anymore. His heart beat steadily, calmly as he allowed Uruha's actions to continue.

"That's cute..." he whispered, giggling softly to the purr. Uruha sat himself up, keeping his hand in Hitsugi's hair as he settled properly behind him, adding both hands into the blonde strands, lightly massaging. He enjoyed playing with people's hair, letting the locks fall between his fingers. "You...Don't mind me doing this do you?"

"No....it feels good," Hitsugi said softly, wanting to lean back against Uruha. Of course, it did not take long for him to make up his mind, and slowly he leaned back, gently coming into contact with Uruha's body.

Uruha nodded, chewing a little on his lower lip as was his own personal habit. He smiled warmly, light blush dusting his cheeks again as he continued playing with Hitsugi's hair, fingers occasionally drifting around the back and outer shell of ears.

Hitsugi allowed himself to lean fully against Uruha. His head tilted slightly as fingers grazed his ears, hands moving to rest on the floor between his legs, giving a quite adorable stance.

Uruha giggled, peepling around Hitsugi's head to look down. "You really are almost a cat yourself......" he mumbled almost silently, letting his fingers drift down from Hitsugi's hair to ghost lightly down the back of his neck and the small amount of shoulder the was shown then return to his hair, just absently letting the soft locks fall from between his fingers.

"Well...I do love cats...." A smile crept to Hitsugi's lips, his eyes remaining closed as he inched back. The guitarist purred once more, shaking his head lightly.

Uruha laughed some softly, fighting back the small happy noise at the others purr. "Mmmhmmn...I kind of guessed..." He began chewing on his lower lip again, the flesh between his lips quickly becoming a crimson red and swelling some. He probably wouldn't want me kissing him again...he thought to himself, moving his fingers back down hitsugi's neck and over the clothed shoulders.

"Ne....Uruha..." The same thing was on Hitsugi's mind; he wanted to experience that again, but he was too shy to ask for it. Of course he could always do it himself. And he decided on that as he pulled away from Uruha, turning around and kneeling before the other.

He let the swollen, red lower lip fall out from between teeth and into the cool air almost immediatly wanting to put it back. Uruha smiled shyly, tilting his head a little ot the side curiously. "Hai?"

Hitsugi blushed furiously as he leaned forward, eyes closing as his lips met Uruha's. It was a firm yet gentle kiss, the piercings lightly pressing against the other's skin.

Uruha blinked a little before letting his eyelids fall closed. He moved a hand up to just barely cup the side of Hitsugi's face as he returned the push of lips, enjoying the way the Hitsugi's piercings pressed against his chin.

Slowly Hitsugi's hands came forward to rest on Uruha's exposed hips, applying the slightest bit of pressure. Uruha... He felt his heart pound in his chest as their lips remained together, and he knew his blush deepened as another soft purr rose from his throat.

A blush of his own spread over his cheeks and he swallowed down the nervous fluttering stuck in his throat. Uruha slightly parted his lips, latching them lightly to Hitsugi's lower lip.

"Mm..." Hitsugi sighed softly, nearly melting into Uruha's lap. He wanted to be closer... Gently he gripped the other's hips as he moved his own body as close as he possibly could.

A soft purr of his own fell against Hitsgui's lower lip as he parted his lips a little further, tip of his tongue sliding out to gently run over the others lower lip. Uruha blushed a deeper pink, leaning a little into Hitsugi's body.

"Was this...one of the things you had in mind?" Hitsugi asked in a soft voice that was almost a whisper, his eyes opening to gaze at Uruha. Upon seeing the color of the other's cheeks, the guitarist giggled lightly.

Uruha dipped his head a little, still blushing furiously. "Ahh...Not entirely...Nice addition though..."

Hitsugi smiled, moving a hand to ruffle Uruha's hair. He had to agree that it was a nice addition....a very nice one indeed. Who would have thought that this would happen? But he was glad it did; and in the back of his mind he thought about it when they ran into each other only hours before.

"Iie..." Uruha mock pouted some to the ruffling hand in his hair, eye's turning to look in it's general direction before blinking and looking a little dazed.

"Kawaii...." Hitsugi pulled his hand away as he stood, grabbing the bottle of water from the floor. He took a seat on the couch, removing the bottle's cap to take another drink, all the while gazing at Uruha.

"Mou...No kawaii..." Uruha poked out the tip of his tongue through the pout before grinning some around it, looking around for where he could have put his own barely touched drink.

Hitsugi giggled, replacing the cap before setting the bottle aside. Turning around he rested on his knees to look behind the couch to see if Uruha's drink had fallen back there. "Hmm..."

“I always lose things..." he grumbled before giggling softly and reaching up to tug very gently on the end of the tail that was sewn to the others pants. Uruha ducked over to look under the nearby table, raising an eyebrow to the juice bottle now lying under it and crawling over to pick it up. "Strange indeed."

Looking over his shoulder, Hitsugi stuck his tongue out at Uruha when he felt his tail pulled on. "Hmm....do you lose your mind too?" The guitarist smiled, slipping over the back of the couch and disappearing from view.

"You know...Sometimes...I probably do..." Uruha opened the drink, bringing it to his lips to take a sip as he turned on his bent knees. His head tilted curiously and he blinked some to the others sudden disapearance.

Hitsugi giggled softly to himself as he quietly crawled away from the couch on his hands and knees. He was suddenly in a very playful mood; and he wondered how long it would take Uruha to see him? A smile spread across his lips as he continued onward.

He closed the bottle, putting it up onto the table and listening in for the quiet noises Hitsugi's movements made on the carpet. "You know...The room isn't that big...and there aren't many places to go..." Uruha giggled some, moving silently on his hands and knees with all the cat like grace he had in the direction Hitsugi had gone in.

"Mm....." Hitsugi paused as he heard those words, quickly looking for a possible place to hide. He settled to hide behind the armchair, and he made his way toward it not realizing that Uruha was slowly following.

Uruha stopped in his tracks, giving Hitsugi a moment to hide before creeping over there and depositing himself knee's first and facing the wrong way. He folded his arms on the back of the armchair and looked down at Hitsugi silently, biting his lip some to hold back the giggles.

Hitsugi placed his palms on the carpet as he took a crouching position in his hiding spot. He wondered where Uruha was...but he was not going to give himself away. Of course, he did not realize that the other already knew where he was...

Uruha leant a hand down, placing a finger gently onto Hitsugi's head and curling a small lock of hair around it. "You know..." he giggled. "If you want to play hide and seek...There are better places to do so, than my small dreary hotel room..."

The other's touch was enough to cause Hitsugi to jump, a small gasp of surprise coming from him. He gazed upward into Uruha's eyes. "Ne, I'm just feeling a bit playful." Smiling, Hitsugi chuckled as he pulled away, sliding out from his hiding spot and rising to his feet.

"I kind of guessed Kitten..." he laughed, moving so he could perform a neat back roll off the arm chair. Uruha settled himself, standing straight and fixed his pants on his hips. "And since I'm feeling pretty much the same...We should do something about it..."

“Well...." Hitsugi scratched his head lightly as he looked around. "What do you suppose that we do?" He clasped his hands together behind his back, head tilting to the side as he gazed at Uruha.

"Yeah...Well...I kind of want to climb a tree...a really tall tree..." Uruha nodded some gravely, sticking both hands in his hair and fluffing the duo-toned locks and shifting all his weight to one side as he looked back at Hitsugi. "Yeah...I'm a dork...I'll go hide under the covers now or something..."

"Aw, what will I do then?" asked Hitsugi, slumping his shoulders. He gave a pout, turning his back to Uruha. As soon as he did this he smiled, and was unable to stiffle his giggles.

"Aww...Well you could always come hide under there with me too..." he giggled, poking his tongue out at Hitsugi and walking back over to pick up his juice. "Kidding kidding...Gomen..."

"Hmm, I just might." Hitsugi turned around, heading back to the couch to sit on the back of it. "Ne, Uruha....um..." How was he going to ask this? He gazed down at his hands as he lightly tugged on the bottom of his jacket.

Uruha tilted his head mid-sip, looking at Hitsugi curiously before pulling the bottle away from his lip and returning the lid. "Hmmn?"

Hitsugi knew his face was red...he could feel the warmth spreading across his cheeks. "Well....I really...ah..." He bit his lower lip; the words were there, they just would not come out. What did he have to be nervous about?

What is he trying to say? Uruha thought, keeping his head tilted but smiling a little to the colour of Hitsugi's face. He walked over to Hitsugi, juice bottle swinging in his hands as he reached forward to tug the bitten lower lip away from teeth.

Hitsugi shyly gazed up at Uruha. "I really like being around you....and...I was wondering..." Even though his face grew redder with every passing second, he still kept his eyes on the other.

Uruha let his fingers drift over the piercings before pulling his hand back and lightly sucking on the inside of his cheek waiting for the rest of Hitsugi's words before speaking.

"...if we could see each other more?" Was that how he wanted to say it? It seemed right in his mind...he hoped that Uruha knew what he meant by that. Again his eyes fell to his hands as he toyed with the hem of his jacket.

A flush of pink flew over his cheeks and he bit a little into his cheeks in thought. Not for long. Just for a second before his lips curved into a soft smile. "I...Hai...I'd like that..."
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