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Uruha sat on the back of the couch, chewing on his lip-gloss covered lips and tilting his head side to side, staring at the phone. "I wouldn't know what to say if I did call him...not good at phone conversations Uru-inu are you...nup..." He sighed, and continued staring at the phone, willing himself to think of some startling piece of conversation.

 Hitsugi sat on the counter in his kitchen, legs swinging lightly.  Perched on his lap was his beloved feline friend, purring and gazing up at Hitsugi.  "I should invite him over sometime, shouldn't I?" he asked the cat, who responded with a small mew.  The guitarist giggled, lifting up the animal so he could cross his legs.  "Hai, I will; maybe for dinner?"

 Uruha fell over the back of the couch a little violently, legs splayed haphazardly in front of him. "All you have to do is pick up the phone...What's so hard about that?" He rolled himself off the couch, walking over to the phone. "His number...what's his number....did he even give me his number. Well...fuck..." Uruha sighed, glaring down at the phone before moving back to the couch.

 "Ne, I think I'll call him," said Hitsugi, scooting the feline from his lap before sliding off the counter.  He stretched his arms as he headed for the phone, a small yawn of boredom coming from him.  Wonder what he's up to...thought the guitarist as he picked the phone up from the receiver, proceeding to dial Uruha's number.

 Uruha jolted when the phone rang, scaring himself before taking a breath. "Just the phone ne..." He rolled himself off the couch, bouncing over to the phone and picking it up speaking with a kawaii voice. "MooshiiMoshii..."

 Hitsugi giggled at the sound of Uruha's voice.  "Konnichiwa," he said, smiling as he turned around, taking the phone with him into the kitchen.

"Mmhn...Konnichiwa...I was going to call you but I realised I didn't have your number..." Uruha smiled, happy to hear Hitsugi's voice before leaning himself against the wall and falling down on his butt onto the floor.

"Hai hai...I meant to give it to you when I was over," Hitsugi chuckled lightly, taking his spot back on the countertop.  "Mm, I was wondering what you were doing today?" he asked, smiling as Neko-Neko gazed up at him from the floor.

"Ahh...Nothing as usual, lazing around and reading over some manga's or something...unless you have a better idea, in which case spill..." Uruha giggled, bringing his thighs up to his chest and resting his head on his knees.

 "Well, I was thinking you could come over...and we could have dinner later..."  Hitsugi tugged at a lock of hair, the smile still on his face.  "We could go out for drinks first; did you want to do that?"  Maybe after dinner....Hitsugi had to hit himself to get that thought out of his head; that was all he needed to be thinking about the entire time he was with Uruha.

 "Hmmn...I'd like that, sounds good ne." Uruha giggled, tilting his head side to side some happily. "Can I meet you halfway or something?"

 "Hai," Hitsugi nodded, sliding off the counter once more.  "You remember how to get there, don't you?" he teased, entering the living room to slip on his shoes.

 "Yeah, I remember..." Uruha poked his tongue out over the phone, sliding himself back up the wall. "I'll see you in around half an hour ne?"

"Yep!" Hitsugi giggled, holding the phone to his ear with a shoulder as he sat on the couch.  "Bye bye Uruha."

"Mmmn...Bye Hitsu-chu..." Uruha smiled, placing the phone back onto the receiver and bouncing off to get ready.

 Hitsugi turned off the phone, placing it beside him as he slipped on his sneakers.  He did not have to change, as he had dressed earlier that day, putting on a large, black and red hoodie accompanied by dark brown capris.  He had some makeup on, eyes surrounded by black and lips lightly coated with the same color.  His hair was not styled too much, giving it a cute, shaggy look.

 Uruha changed completely, settling for his black dress pants, the half skirt that covered one side of his thighs and the loose fitting short sleeved tee. Attaching the usual chains, and placing the innumerable amounts of rings on his fingers, he fixed the light purple eyeshadow and covered his cheeks with a light blush, which probably wasn't needed since as soon as he..."Shut up Uruha..." he giggled, fixing his hair and swiftly leaving the hotel room and walking out to the bar.

 Departing from his home, Hitsugi made sure to lock the door before heading down the steps and onto the sidewalk.  Slipping his hands into the pockets of his hoodie, Hitsugi began to hum lightly to himself, smiling as he headed in the direction of the bar.  He could not wait to see Uruha, to hold his hand as they walked down the street...."Ohh, now I'm blushing," he said softly with a giggle, touching his face with a hand.

 He tripped over his pants a little, his usual graceful walking interupted by a moment of clumsyness. He sighed, thankful he hadn't fallen over as he continued his walk, smiling when he saw Hitsugi and bouncing up to pounce on the smaller man. "Hiii..."

 Hitsugi jumped slightly, but giggled as he realized who it was that had pounced him.  "Konnichiwa," he purred, wrapping arms around the other's waist and nuzzling into his chest.  "You're looking very nice today."

 Uruha drapped his arms over Hitsugi's neck and giggled. "Mmhn...Thanks....You're looking rather adorable yourself..."

"Oh...arigatou," blushed Hitsugi, covering his face with Uruha's hands.  "Ne, how do you make me blush so easily?"

 "Hmmn...The same way you make me blush really easily..." he giggled, lightly stroking Hitsugi's cheeks with his thumb.

 Hitsugi nuzzled against the thumb, his tongue slipping out to lick at it lightly.  "Its so easy...." he grinned, taking the thumb between his lips.

 "Exactly like you're doing now..." he said, blush deepening over the already pink cheeks. Uruha purred softly, eye's falling veiled a little.

 "Mmm...." Hitsugi giggled as he pulled the thumb out of his mouth.  "We should get to the bar ne?" he asked, looking up to Uruha with an innocent smile.

 "Hai...We should do..." Uruha narrowed his eyes a little for a second before laughing it off and bringing his hand down to pick up Hitsugi's. "Lead the way..."

 Hitsugi gave a small bow before doing as instructed.  He stayed close to Uruha, gently squeezing his hand as he lead the way to the bar. 

 Uruha giggled, returning the squeezes when they were given, a slight bounce in his step as the bar came into view. He stepped up to the door, pushing it and holding it open to pull Hitsugi with him. "Same place as last time ne?"

"Hai hai," giggled Hitsugi, giving Uruha a kiss on the cheek as he stepped through the door.  "Oh, not many people here today," he said, only seeing a few people sitting at the counter.

 "Hmn...We can sit at the counter then if you'd like..." he said, bouncing down the stairs and giggling some.

 Hitsugi placed a finger to his lips as he thought for a moment.  "Hmm...." Red eyes glanced at the counter, then wandered to the tables and the booths.  "What about....that booth over there?"  A blushing Hitsugi pointed to the one that was slightly hidden from view. 

 "Mmhn...Sure..." Uruha grinned, pulling Hitsugi over to the booth the other had pointed out.

 "Ne, what's that grin for?" Hitsugi inquired, lightly poking at Uruha's face with his other hand.  "Do you have something on your mind?"

 "I almost always grin. It's like a natural way for my lips to curl into..." Uruha giggled, poking Hitsugi gently in the side before falling into the booth.

 "Ohhh," chuckled Hitsugi, sliding into the booth on the same side as Uruha.  "Ne, I hope you don't mind me sitting beside you," he said, trailing a finger lightly down the other's chest.

 "Mmmhmm...Not at all...I was actually going to pull you down next to me anyway..." Uruha smiled, shivering lightly to the finger.

 "Oh really?"  Hitsugi moved to rub at the side of Uruha's neck.  "So, how about I get the drinks this time, hmm?" he asked, leaning over to place a kiss to the neck he rubbed.

 "Does that surprise you ne?" he giggled, head tilting a little and more shivers running under his skin. "Okay..."

 "Mm, I thought you might do something like that," said Hitsugi, poking Uruha's cheek before rising.  "What would you like?"

 "Uhmm...Cherry cocktail..." Uruha smiled, crossing his legs under the table and smiling up at Hitsugi.

 "One cherry cocktail it is!" Hitsugi spun around, hands clasped behind his back as he made his way to order the drinks.

 Uruha giggled, resting his head in his palm and watching Hitsugi walk away with a smile before turning his head back to face the wall and close his eyes.

 Hitsugi leaned against the counter, head resting in a hand.  "Um, one cherry and one strawberry cocktail," he said to the bartender, who smiled to Hitsugi as he prepared the drinks.

 Uruha smiled softly, thinking of things, thinking of Hitsugi, thinking how his bandmates would tease him to death about it. Not that he cared but still. It made him laugh. He glanced over to Hitsugi again, head tilting and kawaii grin crossing his lips.

 "Arigatou."  Hitsugi bowed his head to the bartender before taking the drinks that were presented to him.  He turned around, smiling as he returned to the booth.  "Here you are Uruha-san," he giggled, setting the cherry cocktail down in front of Uruha before sitting.

 "Iiee! No -san!..." Uruha pouted a little, moving a hand to poke Hitsugi in the side before giggling. "But Thank you..."

 "Mm, you're welcome."  Hitsugi sipped his drink, licking black lips afterwards.  "You don't like being called Uruha-san?" he teased, resting an elbow on the table and gazing to Uruha.

"Not really...It makes me feel old..." Uruha poked out his tongue, raising his own glass to pouty lips and taking a sip.

 Hitsugi giggled.  "Ne, gomen nasai Uruha-chan," he smiled sipping his strawberry cocktail as he leaned slightly against the other.

 "No need to appologise..." he smiled, letting the other lean happily and continuing to sip on the slightly odd tasting cocktail. "And just Uru is fine if you like..."

 "Alright...Uru."  Hitsugi smiled, licking a droplet from the rim of his glass.  "Mm, how's your drink?"

 "Different...but in a good way I think..." he giggled, blushing when he realised he had been slightly staring at Hitsugi's tongue. Uruha shook his head and tilted it to the side.

 Hitsugi looked to Uruha from the corner of his eye.  "There you go, blushing again..." He lightly poked at the other man's cheek.  "Were you looking at something?"

 "Mmhnmm...I was yeah...but...never mind..." Uruha flashed the kawaii grin and tilted his head childishly from side to side. "Can't help blushing..."

 "Never mind?" Hitsugi placed his glass on the table, leaning his face closer to Uruha's.  Raising a brow, a smile came to his blackened lips.

 "Mmmhmmm...exactly..." Uruha smirked in return, leaning forward to press his lips to Hitsugi's before turning back to his drink, head still tilting side to side.

 Hitsugi kissed Uruha on the cheek before returning to his drink.  "Ne, if you say sooo...." he teased, sipping from the glass.

 "Which I do..." Uruha smirked, wriggling down a little in his seat and squirming his legs a little, nice little plan forming in his head.

 Hitsugi licked the strawberry flavor from his lips. "Ah, are you going to have another drink Uru?" he asked, gazing over as he rested his head in a hand.

 "I was considering...are you?" Uruha continued smirking.

 "Mm..." Hitsugi looked down into his glass before finishing off the drink.  "Hai hai," he nodded, slipping from the seat to rise.  "I'll get you another."

 "Mmn...Arigatou..." Uruha drained to rest from his glass, grinning some and ready to put his plan back into motion when the other returned.

 Hitsugi took Uruha's glass, a smile on his lips as he bowed slightly before heading to the counter.  "Ne, another cherry and strawberry cocktail."  The guitarist bounced lightly as he waited for the refills.

 Uruha thought for a moment then, taming down the plan he had in mind a fair bit. "Hmmn..."

 It was not long until Hitsugi returned with drinks in hand.  "Here you are."  He held out the cherry cocktail to Uruha, taking a sip from his own glass.

"Mmm...Thank you..." Uruha smiled, waiting for Hitsugi to sit down before slightly shyly...Oh forget it, you don't have the courage. He giggled, picking up his glass and slowly sipping at the alcoholic beverage inside.

 Hitsugi nodded as he took his seat once more.  "How many of these can you drink Uru, before you feel the effect?" He tilted his head slightly to the side, gazing at Uruha.

 "Uhm...A few maybe...It depends..." Uruha shrugged slightly, smiling.

 "Ah; I think I'll be done after this one," chuckled Hitsugi, sipping his cocktail.  "Oh, I wanted to ask you what you liked to eat..."

 "Mmhmm...Food in general I guess...Uhmm..." Uruha chewed on his lip for a second in thought.

 Hitsugi giggled.  "What kind?" He drank nearly half of the beverage before looking to Uruha.

 "Uhm...Sushi's always good...and chinese...uhmmm...I'm not really good with choices..." he admitted, blushing a little.

 Hitsugi raised a hand to run his fingers through Uruha's hair.  "I'll make us something that you will probably like," he said with a smile, placing a soft kiss to the other's lips before returning to his drink.

 "Mmmhn..." Uruha smiled and nodded. "Hai..." He titled his head side to side absently, raising his drink to his lips every so often to take a drink.

 Hitsugi watched Uruha, giggled softly to himself.  He's just too kawaii, he thought, sipping from his glass, just about finishing off the drink.

His head stuck to one side, whistled thought escaping from his lips before he drained the rest of his drink, edges of his thoughts feeling the tiniest bit blurred.

 "Ne, were you done Uru-chan?" Hitsugi said softly, running a finger along the other's jawline.

 "Mmmhmmm..." Uruha smiled, shivering a little under the finger crossing his jawline.

 "Shall we go back to my place then?" asked the guitarist, lightly pulling on Uruha's nose before pulling his hand away.

 "Iiiee..." Uruha's nose twitched and he rose a hand to calm the twitching end. "Hai...We shall..."

 Smiling, Hitsugi slid from the booth, hands clasping behind his back as he waited for Uruha.  "How hungry are you?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

 Uruha slid out from booth, long legs first and hauled himself up, holding his head still with his hands to stop it tilting. "Hmn...around average-ish..."

 Hitsugi raised a hand to his mouth as he chuckled at the sight.  "Mm, maybe I'll make food right when we get there then."  Taking hold of the hem of Uruha's shirt, Hitsugi led the man out of the bar.

 "Mou..." Uruha giggled, following behind Hitsugi and allowing the draging by the shirt until they were outside, where he picked up Hitsugi's hand in his. "Where to leader?"

 "My place," replied Hitsugi, gazing up to Uruha as he gently squeezed his hand.  "Unless, there was somewhere else you wanted to go?"

 "Nope...You're place sounds wonderful..." Uruha smiled, forcing his head still by pure will.

 "Ne, what's wrong with your head?" Hitsugi raised his other hand to lightly poke at Uruha's cheek.  "Does your neck hurt?"

 "No...It's just a habit I have seemed to pick up...tilting it and all..." Uruha turned his head to nip at the poking finger.

 "Indeed...But let's hope it won't ne..." Uruha smiled, fluttering his eyelashes and giggling. "Lead the way..."

 Hitsugi nodded, happily leading Uruha by the hand down the street.  His happiness was known from the smile on his face and the slight skip in his walk.  Every so often he would glance back at Uruha, his smile growing; and before long they had arrived at their destination, and Hitsugi still held onto the other's hand as he opened the front door.

 Uruha walked timidly into Hitsugi's house behind the other, sliding off his shoes when he was inside, and chewing his lower lip a little.

 "Eeee...Kawaii..." Uruha smiled, hands raising to stroke the furry bundle in Hitsugi's arms. "She's gorgeous..."

 "Hai," smiled Hitsugi, giggling once more as the cat purred at Uruha's touch.  "And I think she likes you!"

 "Yay...I'm glad...It wouldn't be fun if she didn't..." Uruha's fingers tripped around the cat's furry ears, Uurha becoming strangly transfixed for a second.

 Hitsugi gazed at Uruha, one of his hands lightly running along Neko's tail.  "Uru-chan?"

 Uruha looked up and smiled. "Hai?"

 "Mm, just wondering if you were there."  Hitsugi raised a hand to tap at Uruha's head.

 "Waaahhhh Of course I am..." Uruha giggled, poking out his tongue.

 "Uh-huh....suuuure," teased Hitsugi, turning and heading into the center of the living room.  He placed the cat on the back of the couch before walking into the kitchen to pick something out for dinner.

"I am..." Uruha pouted a little before bouncing over to the couch to pet and play with the cat again, smiles crossing his lips.

 I love him, Hitsugi thought to himself as he searched the freezer, pulling out a bag of frozen vegetables.  Placing the bag on the counter, he opened a cupboard in search for the bag of rice.

 Uruha's head tilted side to side again as he gently picked up Neko-Neko and sprawled out on the couch, cat on his chest as he continued to pet the soft fur, humming a guitar solo softly to himself.

 "Mew...where did I put it?" Hitsugi climbed onto the countertop, resting on his knees as he searched higher up in the cupboard.  "Hmm...."

 Uruha tried not to squee when he heard the 'mew'. "Eee...Kawaiii ne...Have you lost something though..." he called out quietly.

 "Just...trying to find where I put the rice..." Hitsugi closed the cupboard doors before scooting along the counter to search the next one.

 "Oh...Just be careful ne..."

 "I will; I climb on things all the time," giggled Hitsugi, smiling as he found what he was looking for.  He slid off the counter and onto his feet, kneeling down to grab a pot from below.

 Uruha shook his head and giggled, all attentions returned to the kawaii furry being on his chest fingers idly twitching over the fur.

 Meanwhile, Hitsugi filled the pot with water, carrying it to the stove to place it on the burner.  He skipped over to the refridgerator, pulling out some shrimp he had let thaw out over night.  "Do you want something to drink?" he called, placing the shrimp on the counter.

 "Mmmhm...Hai...Just a water thankyou..." He said with a smile.

 Hitsugi quickly grabbed a glass, placing a few ice cubes in it before filling it.  "Here you gooo," he giggled, walking into the living room and standing behind the couch, holding out the glass for Uruha.

 Uruha hauled himself up from the lying position he had been in to settle the cat on his lap and take the glass of water. "Mmhn...Thank you..." he said with a wide smile.

 "You're welcome." Hitsugi leaned forward to place a soft kiss to Uruha's cheek.  "You seem to like her too," he giggled, reaching over to pet Neko-Neko.

 Uruha smiled, thin shiver running though his body from the kiss. "I adore her already...She's gorgeous..."

 "Mm, hai; I love her so much," he said, resting his head on the back of the couch.  "I've had her since she was a baby."

 "A long time to have her...she's so soft..." He giggled, stroking the fur and smiling down at the cat.

 Hitsugi smiled as he watched Uruha.  "Mm, the two of you are so cute," he said, running a hand through the other man's hair before standing up straight to check the water on the stove.

 Uruha purred, leaning into the hand that was run through his hair and closing his eyes..

 "It should be ready soon."  Hitsugi rushed to the stove, pulling the boiling pot off the burner.  Placing it on the counter he proceeded to empty the vegetables in, followed by the rice.  After turning the heat down on the stove, he replaced the pot.

 "Kay..." He mumbled, content to lean back on the couch with eyes closed and warm bundle in his lap.

 Finished with the shrimp, he returned to the food on the stove.  "Mmm, just a few more minutes..." he said softly, stirring the rice and vegetable mix slowly.

 Uruha turned on his knees to watch as well he could, Hitsugi in the kitchen with a smile. "Mmmhnmm.."

 Leaving the pot once more, Hitsugi set to placing plates and chopsticks on the kitchen table.  "Dinner!" he called with a smile.

 Uruha smiled and laughed bouncing from the couch and over to Hitsugi, looking around and boucning a little on his feet.

 "Ne, would you like soy sauce on yours?" asked Hitsugi with a chuckle as he took the pot over to the kitchen table, proceeding to place the food on the plates.

 Uruha nodded a little, settling down on one of the chair gently and crossing his legs. "Hai...thank you..."

 Hitsugi grabbed the soy sauce, along with the shrimp bowl, from the countertop and returned to the table.  "Mm, tell me when," he said, slowly pouring the sauce onto Uruha's food.

 "When when..." he giggled after around a second, smiling some. "Thank you..."

 "Mmhmm."  Hitsugi set the bowl of shrimp in the center of the table, within reach of both him and Uruha.  He took his seat, unfolding his napkin to lay it across his lap before breaking his chopsticks.

 Uruha giggled soft, setting up his own napkin and fixing up his crossed legs, breaking the chopsticks perfectly, all the while tilting his head.

 Hitsugi grabbed some of the rice with his chopsticks, raising it slowly to his lips.  He licked at his lips after taking the bite, his legs lighly kicking underneath the table.  "Ne, how is it?" he asked before taking another bite.

 Uruha slowly began eating, smiling some and nodding. "It's good...You're a good cook..." he giggled.

 "Ah, arigatou," smiled Hitsugi, reaching to take a piece of shrimp in his chopsticks.  "Just something quick I like to make."

 He laughed softly, nodding. "Mmn...I wish I knew how to cook..." Uruha took another bite, eyes glazing a little in thought.

 "Oh you must be able to cook some things," said Hitsugi, gazing over to Uruha.

 "Nuh uh...I'm a terror in the kitchen. I tend to end up dropping things..." he giggled, picking up a piece of shrimp and nibbling on it.

 "Aww, maybe I can teach you then sometime, ne?" Hitsugi tilted his head as he took a few more bites of his rice.

 "Sure...If you don't mind a huge mess made in your kitchen..." he laughed, shaking his head and eating slowly. "Just as well I'm good at cleaning up after wards..."

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