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Locked forever in the grid of passion

Euphoric Bliss
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Welcome to Jrock Euphoria, a Jrock Roleplay Community

a b o u t

Jrock Euphoria is a new Jrock RP community based on a slightly AU storyline. The only AU feature is that deceased Jrockers shall still be portrayed as though they were alive.

This RP is reality-based and should be as realistic as possible. Character-development is a must throughout the plot.

Before you can play you must ‘audition’ for your character and be approved by at least two maintainers.

r e q u i r e m e n t s

Both, common sense and maturity are needed. You must be able to handle situations and happenings as your character would.

Literacy. You must have common grammar skills and be able to decipher when to use your and you’re as well as there, their, and they’re. It is okay if English is not your first language, but we should not be able to tell that from your writing.

AIM. If you are to RP and interact with others, you must have AIM. Without this messenger service, other members won’t be able to RP with you and therefore you will not be able to interact as often as required.

Free time. Common sense should be all you need to know why free time is required, but in the case that it isn’t I’ll go ahead and elaborate. Without free time, how are you to RP? So yes, free time on your hands is a must.

r u l e s

[+] – Only one character per person until you have kept active for at least two weeks, only then may you claim a second. But two is the maximum for any one person unless they prove they can handle more than two and keep all characters active.

[+] – You may not play others’ characters in a scene without permission.

[+] – Characters are to remain IC at all times. If you are going to make an OOC post, please say so in the title or else the post will be deleted. OOC posts are welcome; it helps us to get to know the person behind the character better, so feel free to post away. ^__^

[+] – Do not add another character to your character’s friends-list unless your character has met them in the RP or is in the same band. That is common sense.

[+] – If you have a problem with another person in the RP, keep it OOC or you will be booted from the community. For example, if you play Die from Dir en grey and the person with whom you have a problem plays Shinya from the same band, your character cannot reflect your feelings and use nasty dialogue or actions towards the other person’s character. By nature, band mates would more than likely get along, so please keep it that way despite OOC disputes.

[+] – To be a part of this RP, you and your character must remain active. If your character is not active in RP and does not post in a month’s time, you will lose claim of him/her and will not gain it back.

[+] – For organization, please make a separate journal for your character. For example, if you decide to be Ruka from Nightmare, he must have a separate LJ and profile from your own personal profile. This is to eliminate any confusion within the community and its roleplayers.

[+] – All scenes must be posted in story format using past tense, and should be in third person. The POV is optional if you are making a solo post in which you can alter between first and third person.

[+] – All scenes are to be placed behind a cut to save space on friends-pages and on the layout itself. The text for the cut should state which characters are in that particular scene (ie: If Die, Kaoru, and Shinya are in a scene, please post ‘Die, Kaoru, Shinya’ as your cut text.) If the scene contains a sexual encounter between two or more characters, please pair the names with an ‘X’. Any other character in that scene is separated with a comma. (ie: If you have a sexual encounter between Die and Kaoru and Shinya is also in the scene, your cut text should read something like this: ‘DieXKaoru, Shinya’)

[+] – If a scene contains sexual or mature content, it must be posted with a warning. Simple labels such as ‘Mild Sexual Content’ or ‘NC-17’ will suffice. This warning must be placed before the cut itself.

[+] – To claim a character, please post under your character’s journal and be sure to include your name, the name of the character you are claiming and their band(s) (if they are solo, indicate so.), AIM screen name where your character can be reached, and a sample post.

The sample post is so that we can tell if you know your character and his/her personality well enough to play him/her. It is also so that we can see how good your literacy is. Keep in mind that you may be denied the character if your sample post is not up to standards.

Also! When you make your claim, be sure to include the words ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Bliss’ somewhere so that we know you’ve read the rules. Without those two words in your claiming post, the claim will be denied instantly, no questions asked. Be creative when you stake your claim, as there is no format in which you must post it so long as you include what is necessary.

m a i n t a i n e r s

[+] - ___takosan___ - AJ {pennames: Toki and Melon}

[+] - makotodoremidan - Lauren {pennames: Aoi and Hikari}

[+] - hitsuginyannyan - Steph {penname: Haruki}

c l a i m e d

d i r e n g r e y

[+] - Die - {Suli, clever_sleaze, AIM: cleversleaze}

[+] - Kyo - {Aiwaguru, painful_kansei, AIM: beneitaly}

[+] - Shinya - {Tsujin, kaijiken, AIM: tomago go go}

d o r e m i d a n

[+] - Makoto - {Aoi, makotodoremidan, AIM: akiramadhatter}

n i g h t m a r e

[+] - Hitsugi - {Haruki, hitsuginyannyan, AIM: kittehhitsugi}

[+] - Ni~ya - {AJ, ___takosan___, AIM: beautifulkyo}