clever_sleaze (clever_sleaze) wrote in jrock_euphoria,


'Ello, Suli requesting to play the part of Die of Dir en grey. AIM name is 'CleverSleaze', to make things eay. ^-^

Die strummed his guitar, using more force in his downward strokes than he intended, giving the notes of 'Taiyou no Ao' a harsh edge. Unsatisfied with the sound, Die set aside his red ESP and walked across the hotel room, searching for something to release the tension that an upcoming live gave usualy him. Finding the unfamiliar room to hold nothing of interest, he decided that a walk in foreign air would be the best way to relax.

eheh, It seemed like it should end there, sorry if it's not enough or unsatisfactory... Tell me if this doesn't meet your standards, and I can add to it if need be (based loosely on their European tour) ^-^;;

Please let me expirience the BLISS that EUPHORIA can bring me

*forgot this part, sorry~!*
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