Terachi Shinya (kaijiken) wrote in jrock_euphoria,
Terachi Shinya



My name is Tsujin and I would like to claim Shinya from the band Dir en grey. My AIM name is tomago go go. I don't bite, promise. ^-^

The placid pool of water situated directly in front of his form reflected back to him the image of a matured man which, by far, was someone amazing compared to the naive and unintentionally timid boy he had once been many many years ago.

Once a delicate flower, his petals had shed to reveal a more stunning figure.

Replaced by sheer muscle his unusually slim but well built arms were a pleasant change from the ordinary appendages he had once possessed, and even the build of his face, which had gained some weight but remained desirable, had changed over the course of time.

Although he never voiced it, change was something Shinya yearned for, expected to happen. After all, the world around him was always evolving as were the people that surrounded him, so it only felt natural for him to enter his own metamorphosis of sorts.

Like most others his transformation was never 'definite' or 'final', the 'conclusion' or 'the end', and Shinya could only imagine what sort of 'thing' he would turn into next.

This bliss is an illusion. Euphoria can never be attained.

^____^ I hope I did good!

FIXED THE TYPO. XDD AUGH. *Hacks off fingers.*
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0_0 I absolutely adore your post! One thing though....

and Shinya could only image what sort of 'thing' he would turn into next.

I believe you may have meant to type 'imagine' there. Other than that it's gorgeous!

Yeaah. I meant to type imagine. It's all fixed now. @___@ Stupid fingers. *Gnaws on them.*
That's okay. Your post is lovely and I see no reason why you should be denied because of that one honest mistake.

Aww. Thank you so much. ^___^ I'm glad you liked my writing.
O.O...^w^ 'Tis awesomeness! *nods vigorously*
Such...prettiness *pets the writings* :3 Neko likes!

Thank youuu. ^____^
You may now play Shinya. ^___^

Awesome. ^__^_ Thank you very much!