painful_kansei (painful_kansei) wrote in jrock_euphoria,

Audition for Kyo

Hi, I'd like to play Kyo of Dir en Grey...
My name is aiwaguru and my AIM sn is beneitaly.

'I once tasted bliss, but euphoria blew my mind away'

Late that night, Kyo let his body fall on the red sofa of the studio, his limbs soon spread on the rough fabric. His mind worked more in this state of rest, the dark room making him forget his personality, his attitude. He gave in to his secret thoughts, his worries and deepest emotions, while silence trapped him in a strange cage of empathy. That way, he could feel the world outside, sense the pain and psychosis of the people there.
And he had to put those feelings into words, so not to get crushed by the nonsense of it all.

Hope it's okay *fearful glance*
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