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Hitsugi and Uruha

With strawberry daquiri in one hand, double shot's placed artistically in the other, Uruha walked quickly back to the booth where Hitsugi was seated and placed his drink down in front of him before settling his own down. He fell back into his seat, swinging his legs to face Hitsugi and crossing them at the knee. "Ahh...There we go..."

"Hmm, arigatou." Hitsugi bowed his head, a smile on his lips as he took the glass in a hand. He raised it to his lips, pausing for a moment before letting out a small chuckle. "Ne, should we make a toast?" he asked, glancing to Uruha.

"Ou...Of course...What to?" Uruha smiled back at Hitsugi, raising one of his shots in level with the glass that held Hitsugi's drink.

"Umm....." Hitsugi eyes looked to the side as he thought about what to say. "To....new friends?" He looked back to Uruha, a faint blush on his face at his words.

"To new friends..." Uruha nodded, his smile growing a little wider as he clinked his shot glass against Hitsugi. "And good times for both..."

"Hai," Hitsugi giggled as he gave a small nod. Raising the glass to his lips, the guitarist took a small sip. As the sweet flavor stimulated his tastebuds, Hitsugi closed his eyes for a moment, swallowing the liquid and licking at his lips. "Mmm..."

A soft giggle let his own lips much the same time as Hitsugi's did and he shook his head, bringing the shot to his lips and downing it with a well practised grace. Uruha closed his eye's as the burning liquid went down his throat only to be greeted when he opened them to another veiw of Hitsugi's tongue running over pierced lips. He stared for a few seconds before putting the glass shot down and clearing his throat.

Hitsugi opened his eyes, swirling the liquid around in his glass as a smile still graced his lips. "So...are you staying at a hotel? You said earlier that you were a little new around this part." Hitsugi placed his elbow on the table, resting his chin in a hand after taking another drink of his daiquiri.

"Yeah...For now anyway until we're told we can go home. Touring is fun and all, but I'm a bit of a homebody..." Uruha twisted his other shot between his fingers, trying to not look to intently at Hitsugi's mouth.

The guitarist gave a small chuckle before taking another drink. "How long are you going to be around here?" inquired Hitsugi, tilting his head more into his hand and gazing up at Uruha with red eyes.

"Hmmn...I think, maybe a week or two, Unless I decide that I really like it here and stay for longer..." He smiled, removing his eye's from Hitsugi's lips and piercings to glance at his red eye's before settling back more comfortably in the booth.

"Hmm, I hope we can hang out more before you leave," said Hitsugi, sitting upright and clasping his hands around the glass. "I could show you some more places too," he added.

"I'd like that...Making friends outside the band is getting to be kinda hard...and I'm not great at making friends in the first place..." Uruha trailed off, closing his mouth and raising a hand to giggle softly behind it. He picked up his second shot glass, looking into the clear liquid before looking to Hitsugi. "That would be great, especially if I plan to stay here longer..."

"Sounds like a plan then." Hitsugi finised off most of his drink before speaking once more. "Mm, maybe I should give you my number...." Removing his hands from the glass he patted at his pockets, a small frown appearing on pierced lips. "Ne...."

Uruha quickly downed his second drink and placed the empty shot glass down on top of the other and resumed watching Hitsugi. "Ahh...Should I give you my number instead? I'd probably be to paranoid to contact you in the first place anyway...."

Hitsugi giggled. "Hai, that would work," he said before finishing off the daiquiri. "Is there a certain time that I should call?" He did not want to end up calling Uruha at a time that was inconvenient for him.

"Not really...Anytime you're free...I'm probably just going to be sitting around the room they've given me and staring off into space or something...Distraction is welcome..." Uruha dug into his coat pockets pulling out a small rectangle of card and writing down the number he could be reached at, the name of the hotel and his room number before handing it to Hitsugi.

"A-arigatou," said Hitsugi, taking the card and reading it over. Ohh...and his room too, the guitarist thought inwardly, biting his lower lip ever so slightly. "Ne, this isn't too far from my place..." he said softly, more to himself than to Uruha.

Uruha smiled some, putting the small pen back into his pocket. He tilted his head a little to the side and leant over the table to pull the lip away from teeth as he found the biting of lips to be a far too common occurance in the music world. "Ahh...That's a good thing then ne?" he said softly, sitting back into his seat.

"Hai," giggled Hitsugi, tucking the card away in a pocket. "So...are you heading back then?" He was tempted to ask if he could tag along, but he did not want to be too pushy. Of course, he was pretty sure that Uruha would not mind. But he would have to wait, for he had to get back to his own place to tend to his feline friend.

"Ahhh...I was considering it...but I don't think I could stand sitting around in the hotel room by myself again...Might just go for a walk or something, get to know where a few thinsg are so I don't get lost the next time everyone else leaves me alone..." Uruha giggled some, hands sling into his pockets and eye's glancing back down to Hitsugi's lips again.

It took Hitsugi a moment to realize what Uruha was looking at. Upon figuring it out, he felt his face burning; he just hoped it was not noticeable. "Well I have to get home. Neko-neko is probably starving by now," he said with a shy smile as he slid from the booth. "She gets kind of crabby if she doesn't get her food at a certain time..."

"Ahh...Of course, Of course...She does sound adorable though. Thank you very much for showing this place to me...I'll catchya around ne?" Uruha nodded some, smiling to Hitsugi as he stood, not having meant to stare at the others lips quite so much. "Take care..."

"Hai; you too Uruha." Hitsugi gave a small bow before turning and walking away from the booth. "I'll give you a ring later," he called over his shoulder, the cutest of smiles on his face as he gave a little wave.

Uruha tried not to melt too much at the adorable curve of lips Hitsugi flashed him. A blush covered the apples of his cheeks as he nodded, returning the wave before settling back into the corner of the booth. "A few more drinks for the moment me thinks..." he mumbled to himself, shaking his head and covering his face.

The smile was plastered on Hitsugi's face as he left the bar, and it remained even though it was now raining outside. Humming a little bit of Tokyo Shounen to himself, he pulled the hood over his head as he began his walk home.


After another hour at the bar, Uruha had given up trying to walk around the city, feeling more than a little tipsy. With that he had headed back to his hotel room, falling onto the soft matress and immediatly falling into a light sleep, the alcohol slowly wearing off as he did so.

"Ne, did you get enough to eat?" A damp, towel clad Hitsugi leaned over to scratch behind the feline's ears. He giggled as the black and gray tabby mewed from a drop of water from his hair, watching her as she walked away to find something of interest to play with. Standing upright, Hitsugi glanced over to the card that he had stuck into the board beside the phone with a thumbtack. He scratched at his head lightly before approaching the phone, picking it up off the receiver and dialing the number.

Uruha opened one eye, before both flew wide open and he fell from where he had found himself lying on the edge of the bed and onto the floor with a loud 'thud'. "Yeah...That bruise will go nicely with the one I already have..." he grumbled before perking up, feeling much refreshed and only a little groggy. It was then he finally noticed the ringing phone and crawled over on hands and knees to pick it up. "Moshimoshi..."

Hitsugi cleared his throat before speaking. "K-konnichiwa Uruha." He could feel a slight blush creeping to his cheeks as he studdered the greeting. A hand raised to gently tug at a damp lock of blonde hair.

"Ou...Konnichiwa Hitsugi..." Uruha giggled some, moving with the phone back up onto the bed to settle comfortably on the soft mattress. "Get Neko-Neko fed in time?"

"Hee, hai," replied Hitsugi, a smile evident in his voice as he entered the kitchen. "Ne, did I wake you?" he asked, moving the phone to hold it against his ear with a shoulder while he opened the refridgerator.

"Hmmn...Yeah, But I'm glad you did...Otherwise falling off the bed would have been more painful..." Uruha moved himself witht he phone, sitting up the top of his bed to look at the time, the happiness in his voice unmaskable. "They don't make floors like they used to..."

"That's why you don't fall," giggled Hitsugi, grabbing a can of soda from the six pack. Closing the refridgerator, he moved to lean back against the countertop while he opened the can. "Unless you had too much to drink?" he teased, taking as sip of his beverage.

"Shh...There's no such thing as too much to drink..." Uruha pouted some, shaking his head and silently wishing that he could see the other as well as hear his voice. "Well...Ok maybe there is but still...I stumbled back to my room safely and no one was hurt in the adventure..."

"Mm, good; I don't want you getting yourself into any trouble," chuckled Hitsugi, pushing away from the counter to wander into the living room. Hmm...I wonder if it would be alright if I went over? He thought about that as he took a seat on the couch, placing the can of soda on the table in front of him.

Uruha wasn't sure if he should invite Hitsugi over or not, so he kept quiet on that front for the moment. "Ayah...But getting into trouble is fun, just as long as it's all in good nature and nobody realises your doing it in the first place...Ahh...Gomen...I ramble something shocking sometimes..."

"Ah, no need to apollogize; I tend to do that too." Hitsugi leaned forward to take a drink. "I go on about the silliest things sometimes." The guitarist remained on the couch for a few more minutes before rising to put some clothes on. A small squeak of surprise came from him as the towel nearly fell, even though there was no one there to see anything.

"Aww...That was cute...Something happen?" Uruha asked, referring to the squeak before giggling some.

"Eh, hai hai....my towel almost came off..." Hitsugi found himself blushing again, holding the fabric around his waist as he headed to his room. "I...must not have had it tight enough..."

Uruha ducked his head, continuing to giggle, this time much like an schoolgirl then coughing and returning the phone to his ear. "That's clever...Ahh...Ne...When you're dressed and all...Did you want to come over or something?" he asked softly, hiding one side of his flushed face.

"Sure; I was just about to ask you if I could come by." Hitsugi grinned as he entered the bedroom, stepping up to the closet and opening the doors. "Ne, it shouldn't take me too long," he added, looking through the various articles of clothing. He settled on one of his favorites: a pair of black, silver embroidered shorts, accompanied by the fuzzy leg warmers that he loved so much; and finally a white shirt and tie, with a suit jacket matching the shorts.

Uruha smiled some, listening to the other choose before realise he should probably get himself more presentable before the other arrived. "Ahh...I'll let you get to dressing, while I go get ready myself...Catchya when you get here ne...Peace out..." With that he quickly hung up and began scrambling around his room then bounced to the shower, with a little more excitement than was needed.

Hitsugi turned off the phone as he walked to the bed, tossing the device onto the mattress before laying out his clothes. He was quick to get dressed, pulling on the leg warmers last. His bare feet padded softly on the carpet as he wandered to the dresser, pulling out a pair of socks and slipping them on. A small giggle came from him as he realized he picked out the shorts with the fuzzy cat tail, and he wiggled his behind slightly to make it move. Neko-Neko entered the room as Hitsugi was about to enter the living room, and he swiftly scooped her up and carried her with him. "Ne, you think I should put on a little makeup?" he asked the cat, who responded with a small mew. He gave a nod as he rushed into the bathroom, placing the feline on the countertop before pulling out some black lipstick and eyeshadow.

The shower was over quickly and he wrapped a towel around his hair and one around his waist as he moved out back into the bedroom to dig through his suitcase. He sighed softly, throwing clothes out wantonly on his bed until he found what he was looking for. Clothing now out of the way, he put all the clothes back and hid the suitcase again, dropping the towel around his waist onto the floor for a moment to pull on the ultra loose patchwork pants over his long legs. He picked the towel up, moving shirtless into the bathroom to apply his own make-up and fix his hair.

With quick yet careful expertise, Hitsugi applied the makeup, putting a little extra around his eyes to his liking. Thankfully he did not have much to do to his hair, other than combing and fluffing out some parts. But just in case, he sprayed on a little volumizing hair spray. Checking himself over in the mirror, he was satisfied with the results and picked up the cat once more, taking her out into the living room. Sitting on the couch, Hitsugi allowed Neko-Neko to sit on his lap as he grabbed the black, thick-soled sneakers from under the table. The cat moved to sit beside him as he quickly slipped on the shoes, and he soon rose to his feet. "I'll be back later," he said, leaning forward to place a little kiss to the cat's head. With a smile he grabbed his car keys from the table and rushed out the door.

Uruha pulled the casual black tank top over his slightly fluffy hair, before working on taming the black and blonde mess into something resembling his usual photoshoot style. Satisfied with the pretty olive green eyeshadow and made over eye's, Uruha put on the minted lip gloss then flounced out to wait in the main area of his hotel room, kind of glad at this point he'd managed to snag the single room, the rest of the band would tease him no end if they knew.

Fortunately Hitsugi remembered the address that was on the card, for he neglected to grab it. As he hopped into his car he pulled out of the driveway, anxiously heading down the street. Time seemed to go by quickly, and before he knew it he was at the hotel, pulling into a vacant space in the lot. Turning off the vehicle, Hitsugi stepped out, straightening his jacket as he headed for the hotel's entrance. You'd think I was going out on a date....he thought, chuckling lightly.

The blonde had curled up on the couch, fingers trailing absently over his bare hipbone in thought. "You have no idea what you’re going to say do you..." he mumbled to himself, gazing over at the guitar. "Just as long as you don't stare, it's all going to be fine..."

Hitsugi stepped inside the lobby, immediately heading in the direction of Uruha's room. At first he was not sure if he went the right way, as he momentarily forgot the number; but, as he continued onward, he found himself at the correct one. With a deep breath, he raised a hand and lightly knocked at the door.

He was jolted from his reverie for a second as the knock landed against the wood of the door and he hauled himself up with a silent groan to go open the door, wide pleasant smile curving his glossy lips. "Hey...Come on in..." Uruha stepped to the side, holding the door open all the way for Hitsugi.

"Arigatou," Hitsugi said with a bow of his head and a smile as he stepped inside, black cat tail swaying behind him as he walked. The fuzzy fabric around his legs did not quite reach his shorts, which, as a result, exposed the skin of his thighs.

Uruha closed the door gently behind the entered Hitsugi before turning to graze his eye's lightly over the shorter's body. "Eee..That's so Kawaii..." he giggled, looking to the black cat tail with a kitten like grin.

"It's one of my favorites," chuckled Hitsugi as he leaned slighlty against the arm of the couch. He of course eyed Uruha, although he tried not to be obvious about it. "Mm, I like your outfit," he said, smiling sweetly as he placed his hands on his legs.

Uruha rose the peace sign with both hands, tipping his head to the side and trying to be cute. He frowned some when the tank top decided to creep it's way up his stomach, something he should have figured it'd do, and with the pants settled almost dangerously low on his hips, he figured enough was on show to cause distaste for the other. "Thanks...Ahh...Did you want something to drink?" he asked, crossing his arms over the exposed skin to pull the fabric down again.

Hitsugi raised a hand to his lips as he giggled at the sight. He was not going to complain about the little show. "Hai; what do you have?" Head tilting to one side, Hitsugi brought a leg up slightly, clasping his hands around his knee.

"Ahh...It seems they keep their fridges well stocked here so there's pretty much something of everything...As far as I can tell anyway...but since I'm half blind, fizzy stuff, juice or water seems like a fairly good generalisation for now..." Uruha blushed some, scratching the back of his neck but still smiling at Hitsugi.

"Hmm..." Hitsugi placed a finger to his black lips in thought. "Water would be good," he replied with a nod, gazing at Uruha and returning the smile.

"One water coming up sweets..." he purred, bouncing over the fridge and pulling out a bottle of chilled water for Hitsugi and bottle of juice for himself. He walked back and slid backwards over the back of the couch to rest kind of upside down, holding Hitsugi's water out for him and wriggling to get comfortable.

"You're funny, you know that?" chuckled Hitsugi as he took the bottle of water. He shifted so that he sat crosslegged on the arm of the couch, facing Uruha. "But it's kawaii." Twisting off the cap, he took a drink of the cold beverage.

A furious pink blush covered the top part of his cheeks and he slightly poked out the tip of his tongue at Hitsugi. "Is that funny in a good way? I'm glad you find it cute though...." Uruha grinned a little around his tongue and crossed his legs where they rested over the couch.

Hitsugi nodded, trying not to laugh as he swallowed the water in his mouth. "Hai, it's in a good way," he replied, sticking his tongue out as well. Except, he stuck his out a little bit further, which exposed his piercing.

Uruha's head tilted to the side a little at the exposure of yet another piercing, he tried hard not to look as it he was staring. He shook his head, laughing some softly and shifting his legs to sit crosslegged on the couch cushion and facing Hitsugi. "Nice piercings..."

"Ah, arigatou," smiled Hitsugi, taking another sip of his water. "Mm, so what shall we do?" he inquired, scratching lightly at his head as he glanced around the room.

Uruha opened his juice, thinking back some to what he had been thinking about before Hitsugi had gotten there. "Ahh...I had like...five hundered billion thoughts...But I kind of can't remember them now...But...Uh...Nevermind..." Uruha stuck his hand behind the back of his neck and dipped his head some, blushing.

"Nevermind...?" Hitsugi turned to slid off the arm of the couch, only to walk around and have a seat on the floor fairly close to Uruha. "You must remember some of them," he teased, poking the other in the arm.

"Iiieee...I do remember one, but it's stupid and you probably wouldn't like it...Uhmmm...Hold on...I'll try and remember the others. Play video games or ahh..." Uruha turned so he was upside down again and turned his head to look at the floor sitting Hitsugi.

"Oh, video games are fun!" Hitsugi giggled, extending a finger to poke Uruha's nose. "What else were you thinking?" He had to admit that he was having fun just sitting here, talking and messing around with Uruha; he was so much fun to be around.

Uruha pouted some, nose twitching and eye's crossing to look down his nose before moving his head to nip at the poking finger. "Hmmn...You don't want to know..."

Hitsugi blushed, but giggled once more as his finger was nipped. "Really? Why is that?" Leaning back, the guitarist crossed his arms, resting the bottle of water between his legs.

"Ou no reason in particular..." he smirked, keeping his head tilted to look at Hitsugi, one hand coming halfway up to do what he had wanted to do before, then he let it fall, feeling shy. "I'm so innocent and picked up nasty traits from the rest of the members..."

"Hmm, you're right...maybe I don't want to know..." Hitsugi said this with a serious face, but could not keep it for long. A grin spread his lips as he laughed, placing the palms of his hands on the carpet. "Ne, my piercings aren't as sharp as they look..."

"Ahh...I didn't think they were all that much...Must be dangerous for when sleeping...." Uruha rose his hand again, moving the nimble fingertips near Hitsugi's face. "May I?" he asked quietly, blushing furiously again.

"Hai." Hitsugi leaned forward, bringing his face a little closer to Uruha's hand to make it easier for him. "I haven't had any problems with them acutally."

Uruha smiled a little, moving his head slightly so he wouldn't poke Hitsugi too hard as his fingertips ran slowly over the piercings along Hitsugi's lower lip. "Ahh...So they don't catch on anything? Must make kissing an interesting experience...."

"Ne...I actually don't know about that....I've never..." Hitsugi tried not to blush too much as he looked away. "...but, they have caught on some stuff, but only a few times. You kind of figure out how to put clothes on so that won't happen."

"Iie...Gomen....." Uruha smiled some softly, just enjoying for the moment to caress his fingers over Hitsugi's lower lip and piercings. "Takes a special talent then ne?"

"Hai, I suppose," Hitsugi smiled lightly, red eyes trying to watch Uruha's fingers. "Some people are afraid to be hugged by me," he chuckled.

"Aww...Just for the piercings? They don't look that dangerous...I'd hug you for sure..." He giggled, moving again a little closer to Hitsugi.

"Ohh...." Hitsugi looked down shyly. "Ne, you're too nice...." A cute little smile came to his blackened lips as he tugged at a lock of hair. At that moment, he felt butterflies in his stomach, something he had not experienced since they met.

"Ahh...Not nice..." Uruha shook his head a little, then giggled to the smile. "Hmm...I like that smile..." he mumbled, more to himself than Hitsugi as he removed his fingers away from Hitsugi's lips and looking to the only slight trace of lipstick covering them.

"Oh you are too." Hitsugi took a drink of his water before placing the bottle beside him. Placing his hands behind him slightly, the guitarist leaned back, head tilted a bit to the side as he watched Uruha.

Uruha giggled some, wiping his fingers gently on his pants before moving his hand to curl very gently in Hitsugi's blonde hair. "What make's you think I am?" he asked, his own head tilted towards Hitsugi.

"Well....you just....seem nice," Hitsugi said with a smile and a shrug. There was a trace of red in his cheeks as he first looked to the hand in his hair, then to Uruha's eyes. And he swore that he could just stare into those eyes for hours.

"Ahh well then...Arigatou..." he said with a nod and and a smile, lightly twisting the fluffy blonde locks between his fingers almost absently as he returned the gaze, feeling himself heat up a little across the bridge of his nose and cheeks. His eyelids fell shyly closed as he bit a little into his lower lip.

Hitsugi found no words coming from his mouth as he sat, simply gazing at Uruha in silence. He noticed the creeping blush on the other's face, and he wondered what exactly he was thinking. It was tempting to ask but...Should I?

Uruha opened his eyes again, head tilting a little to the side before he shyly moved just that little bit closer. Just a bundle of shyness he was, he wasn't even sure of what he was about to do. He moved slowly, just so his lips were a little distance from Hitsugi's before leaning in and gently pressing his lips to Hitsugi's. He left them there for a few seconds before pulling back and returning to his original position, blushing harder, free hand coming to cover his cheeks. "Gomen Nasai...."

He.... There was no hiding the redness this time. Hitsugi raised a hand to his lips, still in a state of disbelief. ...kissed me... "Uruha..." That was all he could get out as he gazed at the other. His hand lingered at his lips, fingers lightly touching the skin.

He moved both hand to cover his face, willing them to cool down, but he did capture Hitsugi's gaze and slightly returned it before his eyelids fell over his eye's again. "S-sorry..." he whispered, not sure of the others reaction to the kiss.

"You...don't need to apollogize...." said Hitsugi with a light shake of his head, his hand lowering to rest on his lap with the other. He felt his eyes fall to gaze at his own hands, the butterflies in his stomach getting worse. What is....I think I...

"I...Uh..." Uruha closed his mouth, chewing on the corner of his lower lip in absent thought. He moved his hands away from his still slightly pink face, one resting over the bare skin on his stomach, the other making it's way back into Hitsugi's hair.

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