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Hitsugi and Uruha

Hitsugi smiled, still tugging lightly on his jacket. For a moment he gazed to Uruha, the smile remaining on his lips. A small giggle came from Hitsugi and he looked away.

"Iie...You're laughing at me now..." Uruha pouted some, putting his hands on his hips and placing all his weight to one saide again. "If you aren't careful I'll pounce you..."

"I'm not laughing at you," said Hitsugi as he looked back to Uruha. "And...." he began, sliding off the back of the couch to stand on his feet, arms crossing and head tilting to the side, "...I just dare you to."

"Oh really?" Uruha smirked some, raising an eyebrow before swiftly pouncing forward, stopping just bare inches away. "Hmmn..." Uruha trailed a few fingers across Hitsugi's arm, along to his hand and picked it up, moving the other to a better pouncing postition before doing so. He fell forward softly with the other onto the couch and lightly straddled his thighs, looking down at him. "Was that an okay pounce?"

"Hai...it was," smiled Hitsugi, blushing softly. Slowly he brought his hands up, resting them on the back of Uruha's neck. "Now that you pounced me...what are you going to do now?" he asked, quirking a brow.

"Hmmn...Not sure just yet..." Uruha grinned some, leaning down to gently press his lips against Hitsugi's again before rising and tilting his head again. "Should I do anything at all?"

Hitsugi faked a pout at those words, his hands falling to rest on the small of Uruha's back. "Please?" he asked softly, gazing deeply into the other's eyes as a finger gently rubbed at the skin.

"Eee..." Shivers ran up Uruha's back and his head fell forward to rest against Hitsugi's chest. "Ahhh...Not a good place to touch unless you really want me to pounce you and beg..." he mumbled trailing off with a blush.

A small giggle came from Hitsugi at the other's reaction. "Oh?" he grinned, continuing the motion. "Why is that, hmm?" Soon he began to gently massage Uruha's lower back, all the while a smile on his face.

Uruha bit a little into his lower lip, swallowing down the soft moan and blushing deeper. "Nnn...Sensitive..." he purred, the noise much akin to a real kitten.

Hitsugi giggled at the sound, his fingers trailing slightly beneath the waistline of Uruha's pants. "You have nice skin....its so soft..." he said softly, rubbing still at the skin. He raised his head a bit to place a small kiss to the dual toned hair.

"Mmhn...Thanks..." Uruha's eye's fell shut, and he leant a little harder against Hitsugi's chest before smirking some. "You're teasing me now you know..." he said, raising his head to look down at Hitsugi with a slight mischeiviousness.

"Oh, I am?" Hitsugi tilted his head to the side. With a smirk he pulled his hands away, resting them on the arm of the couch behind his own head. "I'm so sorry...."

"Waahhh...You're doing it worse now..." Uruha pouted some, having settled his hands lightly on the sides of Hitsugi's chest. "Meanie..." He poked out the tip of his tongue before removing himself from on top of Hitsugi.

Now it was Hitsugi's turn to pout. "Mm...but it's fun...." He raised a hand to tug lightly at a lock of hair on Uruha's head. "...and I am not mean," he said, sticking his tongue out at the other.

Uruha almost swooped down onto the tongue, lightly taking it between his lips and applying a gentle sucking pressure before pulling away. "Hmmn...You're right...and...Nah...You're to cute to be mean...Just a tease..."

Hitsugi blushed from Uruha's actions, as well as his words. "Ne....I'm not that cute...." he said softly, looking away shyly. His hands moved to rest under his head, playing with locks of blonde.

"Uh...Yuh...You are." Uruha giggled softly, settling down on the ground beside Hitsugi and placing his hand back in the other hair, lightly twisting the blonde locks around his fingers.

"Mm, so are you," said Hitusgi, smiling and moving a hand to poke and tug at Uruha's nose. He gazed deeply into those eyes, lightly stroking the other's cheek with a finger.

His nose twitched some violently and out of habit he moved a hand to soothe it before he noticed Hitsugi's hand still in the way, so he let it calm by that, purring some softly. "Mmhn... no kawaii..." Uruha giggled softly, smiling and looking back at Hitsugi andother faint blush drifting over the bridge of his nose.

"Hai, you are." Hitsugi removed his hand to sit up on the couch. Leaning forward a bit he kissed Uruha's forehead, ruffling his hair lightly. With a giggle he sat back, eyes still focused on the blushing man in front of him.

"Mmhn...I don't think I've blushed this much for a very long time..." Uruha pouted a little, letting his hair fall down in front of his face shyly and hid behind it.

"I've had my share of blushing...I'm sure you could tell." Hitsugi chuckled as he watched Uruha. He's just so kawaii, he thought to himself. "Ne..sit by me?" The guitarist lightly patted at the couch.

"Mmhn..." Uruha hauled himself up from the floor, fixing his pants on his hips before falling with grace onto the couch next to Hitsugi, wrigging some to fix his pants again.

Hitsugi inched closer, leaning his head to the side to rest it on the other man's shoulder. His eyes looked to see where Uruha's hand was, and upon seeing it, the guitarist placed his hand on top of it.

Uruha giggled some, pulling his legs up on to the couch to curl beside him as he leant his head on top of Hitsugi's and absently laced their fingers, having fun lightly teasing at the pads of the other guitarists fingertips.

Slowly Hitsugi's eyes closed as he gave a small sigh, lightly rubbing the side of Uruha's hand with a thumb. He liked this, just sitting, holding Uruha's hand. Other people might think it just a simple thing, maybe somewhat boring, but not Hitsugi; it was one of the best things in the world. He could sit there forever like that...

Uruha liked this. The feeling that everything was just slowing down in a good way and just being. Well. He didn't know how to describe it. Just that he was content and perfectly happy with just sitting there, next to Hitsugi.

"Mm....you're so warm..." Hitsugi said softly, nuzzling further against Uruha's shoulder. He wanted so much to crawl into his lap and nuzzle into his chest...

"Warm squishy pillow ne?" he giggled, shifting his legs a little and crossing them under himself to create the perfect sitting lap.

Hitsugi giggled. "Hai..." The guitarist removed his head from Uruha's shoulder, slowly making his way into his lap. Once there, he wrapped his arms around the exposed waist, nuzzling his face gently into the other's chest.

"Hmmn...I knew it..." Uruha giggled some softly, draping his arms around Hitsugi, one hand moving back into bleached hair to pet and twirl between fingers. He shivered a little the contact against his bare skin and blushed some. "I should have picked a better top..."

"Mm, but I like it," said Hitsugi, gazing up to Uruha. "But if you want you can go change," he added, lightly trailing a finger down the other man's chest.

"No real point in doing so is there..." His voice squeaked a little, head tilting to the side and blinking some before giggling. "At least I didn't pick the skirt instead..."

"Ohh, that would've been fun," giggled Hitsugi. "It would make it interesting...for me to sit in your lap..." He leaned upward, lightly licking Uruha's cheek.

"First off...You'd probably have to sit on my crossed legs...that and verrrrry sensitive thighs..." Uruha giggled some, blushing to the playful lick he recieved.

Hitsugi placed a finger to a lip, thinking for a moment. "Mmm, would I have too?" he asked with a smirk, nuzzling against Uruha's cheek.

"How else would you have sat?" he asked with a quirked eyebrow before bursting out in another fit of silent giggles.

"Well..." Hitsugi looked down at the other's lap. "If you were to spread your legs...."

The eyebrow remained quirked some as he looked down to his own lap curiously. "And?"

"If I sat between your legs..." Hitsugi felt his face grow red as he said this. "...that would work, wouldn't it?"

Uruha tilted his head to the other side, before giggling again and nodding. "Yeah...That would work...I'll remember that..."

Hitsugi's eyes widened slightly as a thought crossed his mind. He quickly shook his head to make it go away, but it did not. Ohh...I can't believe I just....

He blinked a little, watching Hitsugi's face with a soft giggle. "Ou?"

"Hmm?" Hitsugi looked to Uruha, face flushed slightly. "Oh..ah it was nothing really..." he said, giving a small giggle.

The eyebrow quirked again. "Hmmn...If you say soo..." Uruha poked out the tip of his tongue and wriggled a little to get comfortable again.

"Hai...I do say so," said Hitsugi, returning the gesture before leaning into the other's chest. "But...thinking is a different story...."

"So I don't get to know do I?" Uruha giggled, waving his hand and placing his other one back into Hitsugi's hair.

Hitsugi bit his lower lip. "Ne...I just thought....if you didn't put on any underwear...." The guitarist felt his face burning, and he grabbed onto Uruha's shirt to bury his face into it.

Hitsugi burst out into a fit of giggles. "That's what I said to myself when I had that thought!"

"Hentai ne?" Uruha's lips curled into a soft smirk as he poked Hitsugi gently in the stomach.

"Ohh, I am not!" Hitsugi leaned back from the poke, an adorable smile on his face as he still giggled.

"Aww...Don't lie..." Uruha poked out his tongue, pulling his hand back and settling it on a clear patch of his own thigh. "Kawaii..."

Hitsugi looked down for a moment, tugging at the hem of his jacket. Gazing back up to Uruha, he suddenly wrapped his arms tightly around him, squeezing him gently.

"Eee..." Uruha smiled some, moving his own arms to wrap around Hitsugi and return the gentle squeeze.
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