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"Mmm...Uruha..."  Hitsugi said softly, nuzzling gently into the man's chest.  Fingers lightly clutched at the fabric of Uruha's shirt, arms pulling him closer.

 Uruha giggled softly, holding Hitsugi in the gentle close embrace. One hand came back up to Hitsugi's blonde hair, again lightly twisting the hair between his fingers, eye's closing.

Hitsugi smiled, listening to the heartbeat of Uruha.  "I like this," he whispered, closing his eyes as well.  He suddenly felt as if he could fall asleep right then....

He giggled again, looking down as the smaller form on his lap, his lips curved into a cute smile. "Yeah...me too..." Uruha continued playing with the hair between his fingers, making twisted spikes and brushing them out again.

Purring lightly, Hitsugi lifted his head slightly to lean back against Uruha's hand.  "Mm, you're making me sleepy..." he giggled, opening his eyes to gaze at the other.

"Is that a good thing?" Uruha poked out the tip of his tongue, scritching gently at the others scalp with the pads of his fingers. "Theres a good bed just over yonders if you want to nap..." he giggled, tilting his head in the direction of hotel bed.

Hitsugi stiffled a small yawn as he looked over to the bed.  "Ne, I could probably use a little nap..."  he said, looking back to Uruha.  "I don't want to drive home tired."

 "No that's probably not the best thing...Driving home sleepy that is..." Uruha smiled, ducking his head a little. "Well...If your sleepy...you should go have a nap then..." An embarassed blush sprinkled  over the sides of his cheeks. He probably sounded so...stupid...or something. Such a dork...

"I think I will," said Hitsugi, kissing Uruha softly on the lips before slipping from his lap.  As he rose to his feet he lightly messed with the other's hair, giving a smile as he headed over to the bed.  He removed his shoes and legwarmers and his jacket, placing them neatly on the floor.  "Mm, this is comfy too," he smiled, laying back onto the pillows.

Uruha smiled against the push of lips when it was given before pouting some to the messing of already tousled hair. He wriggled a little, legs feeling funny from the absence of the others gentle weight. Uruha ducked his head again before turning where he was sitting to watch Hitsugi. He smiled, nodding some before turning again, not sure if he should follow, or stay or what exactly...to do.

Hitsugi rested on his back, gazing at Uruha.  "Ne, you can come over too if you want...its your bed after all," he said with a smile before turning on his side to get comfortable.

Uruha blushed some, feeling a dork again. You're a worry Uruha...  He rolled himself off the couch, standing up quickly and walking a little shyly over to the bed. Uruha fell onto it gently, wriggling to fix the troublesome pants before rising his thighs and crossing his legs at the knee.

Facing Uruha, Hitsugi extended a hand to brush his cheek lightly.  "Ne, you're blushing again," he said with a smile, his hand trailing down to rub at Uruha's neck.

 "Oh...It's turning into habit..." he mumbled, rising a hand to cover one side of his face. Uruha tilted his head back a little, skin twitching under Hitsugi's rubbing fingertips.

"Hmm, why is that I wonder....?"  Hitsugi's fingers moved once more, this time massaging the back of the other man's ear. 

Uruha squeaked softly, sudden shiver running under his skin. "Ahh...Not used...to..." he trailed off.

Hitsugi inched closer.  "Not used to..." Fingers gently entwined in Uruha's hair.  "...being touched like this?"

The blush spread again and he nodded slightly. "Hai..."

"Mm," Hitsugi giggled with a small nod, pulling the hand away as he yawned.  He was more sleepy than he thought...

 Uruha giggled some, shaking his head. "Sleepy Hitsugi...Have your nap dear..."

 "Hai....I think I will..." Again Hitsugi yawned as he closed his eyes, nuzzling againt the soft pillow beneath his head. 

Uruha turned over onto his side, smiling and just watching Hitsugi snuggle down. He's so cute...he thought, tilting his head a little and moving his hand back into Hitsugi's hair to pet at it.

 Slowly Hitsugi's eyes opened.  He did not say a word as he gazed at Uruha with half-lidded eyes, a smile coming to his lips.  Eyes closing once more, Hitsugi leaned his head back into the other's petting hand.

 Uruha bit back the soft giggle and just continued petting the soft bleached hair, twisting it lightly, his eye's glazing slightly as he drifted awake.

"Mmm..." Hitsugi sighed softly, moving closer to Uruha.  He rested his hands on Uruha's chest, nuzzling into the man's shoulder.  The guitarist brought his knees up slightly, bringing him into a sort of curled position against Uruha.

"Kawaii..." he whispered softly, running his fingers through Hitsugi's hair before moving them to ghost lightly down over a neck, shoulders and arms. "Sleep ne..."

 "Hai...oyasumi nasai Uruha," said the guitarist softly, placing a small kiss to Uruha's neck.  Lying his head back down, Hitsugi felt himself drift off into sleep, a small smile ever present on his lips.

Uruha smiled, "Oyasumi Hitsugi..." he whispered shifting a whole heap of black and blond hair away from his face and settling down to nap himself. He gave a soft sigh, eye's fluttering down heavily as sleep took him far away.




What time is it?  Hitsugi's eyes opened slowly as he sat up.  He blinked some, trying to get his eyes to focus as he searched for a clock.  During the search, he looked down to Uruha, sleeping soundly beside him.  A hand moved to brush the man's hair away from his face.

A shiver trickled under his skin as the hair was moved away causing a dusting of pink over his cheeks again. Uruha opened his eyes to look up at Hitsugi, smiling a little sleepily at him. "Ahh...Sleep well ne?"

Hitsugi smiled, stroking Uruha's cheek with the back of his hand.  "Hai; what about you?" he asked, moving the hand to lightly toy with the other's earlobe.

"Mmmhnn..." he purred, wanting to close his eye's again but choosing against it. "Sleep was good..." Uruha smiled, leaning a little into the hand before hauling himself up to look around for the time. "They never put clocks where you need them..." he mumbled, pouting slightly.

 A small giggle came from Hitsugi as he slid from the bed.  "Hai, they never do," he replied with a small yawn, stretching his arms and standing on his toes briefly.

"Mmhn...but it is getting late...we did sleep a little while longer than we should have...no matter though..." Uruha giggled, rolling from the matress to look outside the window at the darkening sky.

Hitsugi scratched his head lightly as he followed Uruha's gaze.  "Ne, I should probably get home..."  Of course he did not want to; he wanted to stay there forever.  But he had to leave eventually, and after all, he would see Uruha again.

"Ahh...Mmmhnmm...before it gets dark ne...Hai..." Uruha nodded, not exactly wanting Hitsugi to go. But again. There would always be another time. He smiled, bouncing away from the window and pouncing Hitsugi into a gentle hug. "Take care while driving home ne..."

 "Hai, I will..." Hitsugi whispered softly, holding Uruha tight.  "I'll call you soon, okay?" Standing on his toes, Hitsugi placed a soft kiss to the other's lips; it was then that he realized he needed to put on his shoes, leg warmers, and jacket.

 "Sure sure..." Uruha giggled, lightly chewing on his lower lip after the kiss adn standing up straight, head tilting a little to the side. "Don't forget your stuff either ne..."

Hitsugi chuckled as he parted from the embrace, heading back to the bed to have a seat.  "We should go out somewhere," he said, slipping on the legwarmers before his shoes.  Rising from his feet, he slipped on the jacket, fixing the cuffs and collar.

 Uruha bounced over to lean on the back of the couch, smiling at Hitsugi and watching him. "Mmn! Hai...We should...That'd be great..."

 "Hai; and you should try to remember those other things," said Hitsugi, walking over to Uruha and poking his nose lightly.  "And don't forget them."  The guitarist giggled, kissing the man on the cheek.

His nose twitched a little and he pouted before smiling. "I'll try not to..." he giggled, raising his hand once more to the bleached hair and ruffling it a little.

Hitsugi scrunched his nose, his eyes closing as his hair was ruffled.  He then gave Uruha one last hug, squeezing him gently before parting from the embrace and heading to the door.  "Until next time!" he smiled, waving as he looked over his shoulder.

"Hai...Next time..." Uruha rose the peace sign and gave a small waggle of his fingers. "Take care..."

At that, Hitsugi left Uruha's hotel room, closing the door softly behind him.  Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he made his way down the hallway, where he would soon reach the lobby and eventually exit the hotel.

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